Buddies For Life Magazine

Buddies for Life delivers lifestyle-orientated content in an appealing, uplifting format to breast cancer survivors. Essential medical, financial, nutritional, supportive and positive content is delivered in visually appealing and easy to digest articles.

The information provided is key to keeping breast cancer patients positive throughout their treatment and to assisting them with getting on with their life afterwards. It is our aim to raise awareness of the disease, lessen the trauma of the diagnosis and to offer support to patients and their loved ones throughout the treatment whilst also promoting a decent quality of life both during and after the treatment phase.

Breast cancer survivors are featured in each issue proving to the reader that there truly is life after breast cancer.

Our readers include:

  • People living with breast cancer
  • Newly diagnosed patients
  • Families and friends of breast cancer patients
  • Care workers
  • Companies supplying the sector
  • Training institutions
  • Employers incl. Human Resource Dept.

Buddies for Life is published by Word for Word Media on behalf of the Breast Health Foundation. In keeping with the aims of the Breast Health Foundation each issue of Buddies for Life contains a section dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer.

The editorial content aims to help return the patient to a fully functional family environment within the limits of breast cancer; to keep up with global trends and sharing of articles with other international titles and cutting edge product development and to develop trust between advertisers, care workers and the patients.

All of the persons involved with Buddies for Life are either medical or healthcare professionals, and they have been affected by breast cancer themselves or have been inspired by a breast cancer survivor. This helps Word for Word Media to deliver on the premise of writing straight from the minds of those affected by breast cancer to the hearts of those living with breast cancer.

  • Dr Carina van der Linden

    Dr Carina van der Linden

    Orthodontic & Maxillio Facial Surgeon

  • Dr Sumaya Ebrahim

    Dr Sumaya Ebrahim

    Obstetrecian & Gynaecologist

  • Dr Carol Ann Benn

    Dr Carol Ann Benn

    Established the Breast Health Foundation

  • Charles Bailie

    Charles Bailie

    Employment Law Specialist

  • Dr Magda Rall

    Dr Magda Rall

    Specialist Counsellor focusing on Trauma

  • Dr Thandeka Mazibuko

    Dr Thandeka Mazibuko

    Radio-Oncologist & Founder of NGO, Sinomusanothando

  • Berna Harmse

    Berna Harmse

    President of the Association for Dietetics in South Africa

  • Nicole Redman

    Nicole Redman

    Chairperson for SA Society of Physiotherapy, Natal Coastal Branch

  • Dr Owen Nosworthy

    Dr Owen Nosworthy

    Medical Oncologist and Specialist Physician

  • Petra Laranjo

    Petra Laranjo

    A local and international stylist

  • Casey Wolfson

    Casey Wolfson

    Honours in Pyschology from Wits (2010) & studying her Masters

  • Dr Gereth Edwards

    Dr Gereth Edwards

    Surgeon & Member of the Netcare Breast Care Centre

  • Lilian Dube

    Lilian Dube

    Breast Cancer Survivor & Ambassador

  • Margaret Hewson

    Margaret Hewson

    Programme Director – Look Good Feel Better

  • Dr Cornelia Botha

    Dr Cornelia Botha

    Homeopath speacilaising in cancer